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Commercial Auto

Keep your business going.

What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

When your business relies on or uses automobiles daily, you need to make sure before you hit the road you are covered for any possible issues. Every second you are out on the road you face several risks that are, unfortunately, unavoidable. Commercial auto insurance is similar to your typical auto insurance, but it covers a few unique areas to ensure your employees and your business are kept safe.

Optional Coverages Can Include

  • Collision coverage
  • Auto liability
  • Medical payments
  • Coverage on rented or borrowed vehicles
  • Employee coverage

Vehicles Covered Under Commercial Auto Insurance

  • Regular cars and SUVs
  • Catering trucks
  • Light and medium weight dump trucks
  • Utility vans
  • Refrigerator trucks
  • Tow trucks

Why You Should have Commercial Auto Insurance

Whether you are making deliveries, running errands for your business, or anything else that involves using your company’s vehicles you are liable for any damage that may happen to you or others. To maintain your business’s reputation that you worked so hard to build, make sure that you keep this valuable protection. Without commercial auto insurance, you could suffer serious losses that your company may not be able to afford.

Have your commercial vehicle covered today to keep your business going tomorrow.

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